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Video Consult and Coaching

Want to speak with Mary & Anita directly? Find out more by contacting us to schedule a personal video consultation with us. We will assess your situation, listen to your goals/concerns and address your unique needs. Fill out the form below to schedule your LIVE video chat or phone call consult.

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Hands on Treatment at our Clinic

We care for all types of patients on a daily basis for diseases which impact the lymphatic system.

Some of the issues we see include, congenital lymphedema, secondary lymphedema, lyme disease, burn & radiation injuries, post-surgical issues following knee and hip implants, venous insufficiency, infections, cosmetic surgery as well as other autoimmune illnesses. We see all ages of adults, elderly, veterans, and pediatric clients. Also, pre and post surgery patients.

We customize your lymphatic treatment to what you need. We also provide custom garment fitting and if necessary lymphatic bandaging. We want to help you maximize your health and we meet you where you are at.

If you are or will be in the Phoenix, Arizona area and would like to make an appointment at our clinic, contact us in advance. We are normally booked out 3 months in advance, but do have a wait list for cancellation spots.

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Live Conference Events

Please check back to our page for future events!

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