Introduction to the Lymph Logic Podcast

Lymph Logic is devoted to the care of the lymphatic system.

Featured on Bright Life Direct

In this episode, Mary gives a brief update on Anita, Bright Life Direct and some tips about preventing bites,cuts, and pinsticks. 

Anita Update and Am I Developing Lymphedema?

Mary discusses possible indications that lymphedema is developing in your arm or leg.

Prayers for Anita and Compression Review

In this podcast we ask for your love and prayers for Anita and her family. Additionally, a short review of compression garments is discussed.

Most Commonly Asked Lymphedema Questions

We review questions that we still get asked frequently about Lymphedema.  We hope this will help you better understand What/How/Why.

Let’s Go Shopping

This is a brief podcast to bring you up to date on new things we are doing and trying out with the podcast, the Facebook page, and the LymphLogic.net webpage. Kind of ...

What you can Learn from your Certified Lymphedema Therapist

On this podcast we outline some of the topics a CLT can provide education and insight on as you maneuver life with Lymphedema. COVID lock down has sent many of ...

Things you and your care team should know about Lymphedema

If your family has a history of edema, if you or a friend have been diagnosed and need surgery or treatment to your body by a medical team. We talk ...

The Lymphedema Bachelor – Cameron Ayala

Cam shares his lymphedema journey from age 11, through his teen years and on into his college years up to now. You may recognize him from The Bachelorette TV Show. ...

Guys & Gals, Up and Down Unders

Let's talk about Upper Extremity and Lower Extremity body issues after Cancer Surgery. For both Males and females. What to watch for, how it affects you in your daily life, and ...

Garment Check Time!

Can you believe we are coming into JUNE 2020 already? In this podcast, we review the need to check your garments every 6 months. Tips for checking things out, with ...

Mom Kasey, shares with us about life with her LittleLymphie, who has Primary Lymphedema.

In this podcast a young mother tells her story, and takes you thru her journey from her discharge from the hospital, to a day in her life.with her daughter, Cora.

Therapist Corner we are joined by Kathleen Lisson, CLT

Kathleen Lisson  is a CLT and focuses her practice on lipedema and plastic surgery reconstruction. She discusses how she got involved in the work she does, helpful tips and questions ...

Educators Edge: Gayle MacDonald

Our first guest in Educator Edge, is Gayle MacDonald, a leader in the field of Oncology Therapy Education for therapists, nurses, OT/PTs, and CLTs across the world.  Educator Edge podcasts ...

Therapist Corner: Michelle

Michelle is a therapist who lives and works in Northern California. She shares some of her practices with her insights on oncology, lymphedema and the importance of having a safe ...

Patient Voices: Christina

Today you will meet Christina, a vivacious young mother of three, who shares her story of lipedema; Please like, and share her story. It's powerful.

Patient Voices: Kim

Kim shares her cancer journey, in a compelling story of resilience, hope and courage.

Patient voices: Nancy Part 2

Nancy is an 84 year old, who loves life, even in the time of Covid 19. She shares her humor and strategies to get through her day.

The Skinny on Skin

Today we talk about 3 areas of importance with our skin and with lymphedema. 

Patient Voices: Jan

In today's podcast we talk to Jan, about her journey with lymphedema. Her warrior spirit and tenacity will surely touch your heart.


It's important to watch your lymphedema even when you can't see your therapist. We offer some tips and suggestions for you to take care of yourself during times when you ...

Keeping It Clean

In this podcast we give some common sense tips and tricks to consider while at home. We want you to keep it clean and stay safe.

Pediatric Issues

In this podcast we address common concerns of parents who suspect their child may have or does have lymphedema. We offer relevant tips and tricks to help your child live ...

Free Lymph Logic Live Video Consult

This is a special one time offer, to five people who wish to have a video consult. Only running for 10 days (ends on the evening of 4/25/20), so please ...

Patient Voices – Kelly Bell – Part 3

In this last segment, Mr. Bell shares his inspiring message to lymphedema patients, those who care for lymphedema patients, and the power of forgiveness.

Patient Voices – Kelly Bell – Part 2

Mr. Bell discusses with us the struggles and triumphs of his lymphedema journey.

Patient Voices – Kelly Bell – Part 1

Mr. Bell has a compelling lymphedema warrior story to tell. This is the first part of his 3 part story. It is emotional and real.

Just Breathe

We focus this podcast on deep breathing how, why and also discuss simple ways to implement lymphatic exercise into daily life.

Two- Lotions, Potions, & Sticky Stuff

We give tips and suggestions for how to manage muscular issues and focus on Magnesium products.


Lymphedema and COVID-19 guidelines are discussed. 

Life with a Pump- to juice or not to juice

Today we interview Julie, who discusses how she lives with Lymphedema.

Patient Voices: Julie Part I

Today we interview Julie , who discusses how she lives with Lymphedema.

Red Light – Yellow Light – Green Light

Today we discuss a simple metaphor for monitoring lymphedema.

The Stages of Lymphedema: Fibrosis

In this podcast we review the stages of lymphedema and the progression of fibrosis. We also offer some helpful time to manage fibrosis (hardening) of the underlying skin structures.

Compression Classifications

In this podcasts we discuss custom and off the shelf garments, along with the classification system of various compression products.

Skin changes to be mindful of

Skin is your first line of defense, we discuss color and temperature changes to be mindful of.

What caused my swelling?

In this podcast we discuss various types of swelling and what to observe.

Face and Neck Swelling

Careful considerations of factors affecting face and neck are discussed, including radiation, and plastic surgery.

Questions for Your Therapist

In this podcast we present helpful questions that will give you comfort while finding a therapist you connect with.


We discuss swelling and why even a little change is important to pay attention too.

Patient Questions: Peripheral Neuropathy & Lymphedema

In this podcast we discuss several pertinent questions regarding peripheral neuropathy & lymphedema.

Patient Voices: Nancy

Conversation with our patient Nancy.

Causes II

What does and doesn't cause lymphedema. In this podcast we discuss what does and doesn't cause lymphedema. Hope you find this useful and remember to pass our Lymph Logic Podcast ...

Myths about Lymphedema

We discuss common myths surrounding the topic of lymphedema and counter these myths with facts about lymphedema.

When to see a Therapist

Today we discuss the best time to see a therapist as well as some considerations when it comes to compression garments.


We discuss 5 lymphedema resources for you to explore to learn more about lymphedema. 

Podcast Guest: Kerri

In this podcast we have a great discussion with an exercise expert who is also a Certified Lymphedema Therapist. We hope you feel encouraged to adopt exercise into your Lymphedema ...

About US

Hello listeners, today we talk a little bit about who we are and why we love our lymphedema work that we do., giving you insight into how we got here. 

Emotions and Lymphedema

In this podcast we discuss the emotional support of lympedema patients to manage their conditions.

Early Warning Signs and Symptoms

We discuss early warning signs to watch for if you suspect you are developing lymphedema.

Pain and Lymphedema

We discuss pain. Normally lymphedema does not cause pain, however there may be certain situations that cause pain. We detail those few situations.

Q&A Coping with Lymphedema

Common questions related to coping with lymphedema.

Lymphedema Treatment Act

Discusses legislation that has the potential to help lymphedema patients with the care they need to live a productive life.

Reviewing the signs and symptoms of lymphedema

Discusses the potential signs and symptoms of lymphedema. The listener will become aware of what to look for in either the upper or lower body. This podcast is important for ...

Lymphedema Risk Following Surgical Treatment

In this podcast we discuss common risks factors following the removal of lymph nodes and radiation on the lymphatic system.

Book Review

Here we discuss the complete Lymphedema management and nutrition guide by Jean Lamantia, and Ann Dimenna.

Self-Care Exercise

This podcast will cover some very simple, yet effective exercises to help with lymph drainage, and they don’t require a gym membership.

Navigating the “VOID” Following Treatment

If you have been through cancer treatments or other medical treatments caused by severe illness. You know about “The Void.” Your daily/weekly regiment of treatments are done, maybe you rang ...

Chronic Edema

In this podcast we discuss the effects of Chronic edema and what to do about it.

Axillary Web Syndrome (Cording)

In this podcast we discuss AWS, how to recognize it and what to do about it. Mary shares her personal story regarding this condition. 

Questions to Discuss with Your Physician

Anita and Mary discuss what to ask you Physician and care team for and serves as a guide to understanding the phases of lymphedema treatment.

Understanding Lymph Circulation Lower

Learn about important lymphatic anatomy of the lower body, which includes Watersheds and  abdominal lymph collectors and other vital lymphatic structures. We break down the lymphatics so that one better understands how ...

Understanding Lymph Circulation Upper

Learn about important lymphatic anatomy of the upper body, which includes Watersheds, and various other specifics. We break down the lymphatics so that one better understands how the lymph system ...

Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) Care Phase 2

The goal of phase 2 is to maintain all the benefits gained from Phase 1, however in this phase you are expected to take care of your lymphedema independently, while ...

Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) Care Phase 1

Although there is no cure for lymphedema, that doesn’t mean that you still can’t live your best life.  The Phase 1 your care is under the supervision of a therapist. ...

Tools, Tricks, and Machines

Living with lymphedema is time consuming, but in this podcast we share life “hacks” to manage lymphedema so you can get on with the business of living your best life.

Personal Exercise

Exercise is an important part of your lymphedema management.  It increases circulation and removal of lymphatic fluid from the skin. In this podcast we discuss various exercises which can if ...

Daily Care Practices

Lymphedema will affect many aspects of your life. However, we teach you how to care for yourself, from protecting your skin, to getting compression garments on and off. We want ...

MLD Facts vs. Fallacies

As Certified Lymphedema Therapists we want you to have the facts about what MLD can and can’t do for you. Once armed with facts you will be better prepared to ...

Acute vs. Chronic Inflammation

Acute vs Chronic inflammation are important considerations for people with lymphedema. The greatest reason is to determine if the lymphedema is getting worse. In this discussion the common causes of ...


Asthma is a chronic condition of the lungs but did you know lymphedema can also make asthma worse? We discuss signs of symptoms of when to seek the help of ...


In this episode we discuss what CHF is and how it compares to lymphedema. Additionally, suggestions for the treatment of CHF and lymphedema is examined. 

Leg & Foot Care

Knowing how to prevent damage to your feet or lower extremities will protect you from encountering. We will discuss how to care for your feet, kinds of shoes, socks and ...

Air Travel Considerations

Changes in fluid production can occur when the external pressures exerted on a limb are changed, such as the cabin pressure in a plane. We discuss how to care for ...

Diet Suggestions

Everyone knows the benefits of eating a healthy diet, but did you know that some foods actually can worsen lymphedema. Diet is a non-surgical intervention that can go a long ...

Surgery Options

Let’s face it having lymphedema is frustrating and can be demoralizing. Current surgical options are available and, in this podcast, we discuss three surgical techniques which might bring some relief ...

Temperature Extremes

Having lymphedema requires one to pay attention to all the seasons. In this podcast we provide suggestions to help you care for lymphedema no matter what the temperature is doing. 

YIKES! Cellulitis!

Recognizing the signs and symptoms of cellulitis might save your life if you have lymphedema. Listen to this podcast to find our more and to enhance your ability to spot ...

Risks Part 3 – Infection, Blood Draws, IV’s

In this podcast we continue talking about how to prevent and recognize different kinds of infection which can lead to lymphedema or a worsening of lymphedema. Erysipelas an acute dermal ...

Risks Part 2 – Acupressure & Deep Tissue Massage

In this podcast we discuss where fluid is located and how Chinese medicine mentions conditions which contributes to the development of LE. Additional theories about energy and skin considerations with ...

Risks Part 1 – Constrictive Clothing

In this podcast we discuss general precautions for arm and hands, and leg and foot with respect to clothing, jewelry and garment, as well as offer tips and tricks to ...

Avoid Skin Injury Part 2

Includes precautions with constrictive clothing, Deep Tissue Massage, Lifting objects, and exercise.

Avoid Skin Injury Part 1

We discuss abrasions, burns, bruises, insect bites, animal bits, thorns, household dangers.

Risk Precautions

What are the risk factors for the body. Precautions and rational for care to affected areas. When you should and shouldn’t be concerned about self-harm.

Skin Care

The importance of skin care, how to monitor for changes, tips and tricks.

A Healthy Lymphatic System

What is a healthy lymphatic system?

Possible Treatment Options

Who to seek out for appropriate treatment and types of possible treatment options.

Symptoms of Lymphedema

How do you know or suspect that you have Lymphedema or that it is coming on? We present possible scenarios of how and when it might present.

Causes of Lymphedema

How does someone get Lymphedema?  We discuss what causes Lymphedema. When it may appear. What to do if you are concerned you may have it.

Intro to Lymph System and MLD

What is MLD (Manual Lymph Drainage)? We breakdown Acronym Ignorance (AI) and define the topic to educate and clarify. The process for locating an appropriate therapist for the purpose of ...
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