• Need help selecting a garment?
  • Have questions about compression pumps?
  • Are you wondering what is going on with your affected extremity?
  • Just need to be in touch with someone with knowledge about Lymphedema/Lipedema when your regular therapist or doctor isn't readily available?
  • Does your child have Lymphedema and you would like to have someone discuss options and techniques you can do?

Live Video Consultations and Coaching, Now Available!

At Lymph Logic we provide practical tips for living with lymphedema. Our mission at Lymph Logic is to help you make sense of your lymphatic system. We believe when you fully understand what is happening to your body, you will be better able to care for yourself your entire life. Lymphedema is a life-long disease and your understanding of it is key to living your best life. We provide real life understanding of lymphedema. Read about Mary and Anita’s story and how they got involved in lymphedema work. Both of us are Certified Lymphedema Therapists, Complete Decongestive Therapists (CLT/CDT), who have a passion for helping you understand what you are dealing with. We talk to you like you are a family member. We break down the lymphatic system to language that you can understand. Mary and Anita each have extensive experience, oncology, and lymphatic knowledge which can provide you the best Education, Understanding and Treatment possible.

We combine our strengths to give you what you need to make sense of your lymphatic system.

Never give up hope

because your miracle could be right around the corner.

Stay positive.

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